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 We are working to improve access to high quality cancer treatment and care resources for Nigerians

Our initiative was born out of a realization that Nigeria's fight against cancer requires a sustainable commitment to developing local scientific capacity and infrastructure. In addition to advocacy and awareness programs, we are determined to take the extra step of facilitating a sustainable scientific environment that will usher Nigeria into the forefront of cancer research, treatment and care. 

Dealing with these challenges requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks to productively engage with the global community and modernize our cancer research and management capabilities.


Founded in 2020, our team consists of young, highly talented and patriotic Nigerian oncology professionals. We are determined to make an impact in expediting Nigeria's scientific advancement in cancer research.

A core objective of ours is to facilitate the building up of local capacity in all aspects of cancer care, research and management.

With 6 PhD level biomedical scientists in its executive team and over 60 active volunteers & mentees, CCIN is inspiring a new generation of oncology professionals.

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About: What We Do


Nigeria needs an army of cancer experts in both clinical and basic research capacity if we hope to prevail against cancer. With our career mentoring scheme dubbed "#payitforward cancer Nigeria", we seeks to pair up early and mid-stage cancer specialists with young  highly motivated Nigerian talents willing to pursue a career in oncology. Also, because funding for cancer research in Nigeria is almost non-existent, a major objective for us is to change this situation in the long term.

Election Campaign


Cancer prevention is indeed Nigeria's best chance at defeating cancer, We are invested in the creation, coordination and dissemination of evidence based prevention campaign materials that will enlighten Nigerians on various cancer risk factors and ways to minimize and/or eliminate these risks, with this strategy, we hope to significantly reduce the predicted new cancer cases in Nigeria by at least 20% in the next decade.



If diagnosed early, most solid tumors are in fact curable. Early cancer diagnosis is hampered by factors such as a lack of access to diagnostic facilities and financial difficulties. At CCIN, we intend to support the early diagnosis of cancer in patients by collaborating with local and international organizations in order to organize free and/or affordable cancer screening services.

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Some major huddles against effective cancer treatment in Nigeria include the expensive cost and inadequate infrastructure, through partnerships with local and international players, we are hoping to make treatment affordable and accessible to poor Nigerians and equally support the infrastructural improvement of existing cancer treatment centers across the country.

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